Birdwatching is difficult

I used this phrase when talking to a friend. I was surprised that I'd said this because birding is normally enjoyable. But I have experienced some problems with my hobby. It's important that I work out a way to cope with these, because if birding turns against me then my mental health is at risk … Continue reading Birdwatching is difficult

Erith, Crossness and some helpful ponies

I did this walk along the Thames Estuary on a unexpectedly free Sunday. Somehow that made it even more rewarding. As on most of my Estuary walks, the weather stayed appropriately grey. I started at Erith on the southern bank of the river. Its long pier was a reminder of its time as a Thames-side … Continue reading Erith, Crossness and some helpful ponies

Being different

What is is like to feel different? Many people who have been afflicted by mental health problems feel that they are isolated. If someone has never experienced depression, it's difficult to understand the everlasting low moods of someone who suffers. If you are affected by social anxiety, then only you can understand why it's completely … Continue reading Being different