Listening to Birds in Regent’s Park

I'm less keen than most people on the approach of Spring. The gentle temperatures of early April turn into the hot, humid weather of a London summer. But, in spite of my pessimism about the change of seasons, I enjoyed visiting Regent's Park in central London in March. There were plenty of signs of the … Continue reading Listening to Birds in Regent’s Park


Positive isolation

The word 'isolation' has many different meanings. It can be a neutral geographical term. For example, Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic is regarded as the world's most isolated island. But it can also have a negative connotation, such as when an individual person is isolated from society. A few weeks ago I felt … Continue reading Positive isolation

Being different

What is is like to feel different? Many people who have been afflicted by mental health problems feel that they are isolated. If someone has never experienced depression, it's difficult to understand the everlasting low moods of someone who suffers. If you are affected by social anxiety, then only you can understand why it's completely … Continue reading Being different